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The story began in a biology class. In March 2014, two engineers stepped into a 7th grade biology experiment class, and realized that even though there are innovations springing up in the education field, students still do experiments in the old-fashioned ways. Teachers have to spend nearly one hour to give lessons about how to operate a traditional microscope, while students waste lots of time struggling with the devices.

“Is it a experiment class, or an instrument class?” These engineers couldn’t help asking this question. “There's got to be a new way to use microscopes!” With the passion of solving problems, these engineers soon came up with the first version of µHandy mobile microscope. It was first launched in August 2014 and started to be adopted by hundreds of biology and science teachers ever since.

However, the engineers were still unsatisfied. They are haunted by another question, “How can we help children explore the world outside the class, without glass slides? It'd be so great if they can also get rid of the traditional slides!” In order to arouse kid’s nature of exploring and observing the world, they made every means they thought of, and tried all kinds of materials to make the dream come true.

The efforts eventually paid off and led them to the second milestone. µHandy Educational, the new version of mobile microscope that hit the market in March 2016, has brought about even more fun to families and schools, making observation a splendid journey into the microscopic world.

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Cult of Mac (2015.03.31)

“This device turns your iPhone into a mobile microscope.”

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