What is µHandy

With µHandy microscope, you can now explore the world at micro-scale with ease. Take a splendid tiny journey into the nature world. You will discover the science secretly hidden in your daily life.

What you will get:

  • µHandy mobile microscope
  • Sample-collecting toolkit (µHandy slide + stickers)
  • Sample-collecting booklet


µHandy can perfectly fit in your pocket and easily be brought along. With only 65 grams, the microscope will never be a burden to your outdoor activity.

Easy to Collect

Using stickers to take samples not only takes away hassles in preparing the slide, but also add fun to the process. Samples can be kept in a boolet for further usage.


Paired with any mobile devices, µHandy can take digital microscopic images and videos instantly.


Comparable to a professional microscope, the resolution of µHandy is up to 1 µm. You can clearly see any cells, tissues and objects at micro-level.


You can share the images and videos on social media, or to your friends right away. Sharing and discussion can now take place outside the lab.


µHandy is a STEM tool that enriches any kinds of education - biology, environment, chemical, health and art – and inspires children to be curious and creative.

How to Use µHandy

Get Started

  • Fasten the lens
  • Collect samples using µHandy stickers and booklet
  • Observe on smart devices

Different Scenarios

  • Use front camera to observe living things.
  • Observe general prepared slide using µHandy slide holder

How to Use µHandy App?

Download µHandy Apps

  • Supports manual focus mode
  • Scale bar to measure sizes
  • Magnification level


Suggested Mobile Devices

  • Thickness of the device is less than 1.05 cm.
  • The back of the devices is flat and without curve.
  • The distance from the center of the camera to the edge of the rim is less than 2.8 cm.
  • The camera lens with at least 5 megapixels will present the best effect

µHandy Compatibile Mobile Devices List

Optical Lens

Lens: single lens. The thickness is only 3mm.

Resolution: Up to 1 micrometer (i.e. 500 line pair/mm). The performance depends on different mobile devices. (e.g. 1.2 micrometer for iPhone 6)

Range: circle with 1 cm diameter.

Magnification: The view range of µHandy is similar to that of a 200x-magnification microscope. Digital magnification depends on the size of the monitor. (e.g. 65~310x on an iPad mini.)

Product Size

Diameter: 55 mm

Total height: 25 mm

Weight: 65g (with battery)

Power Supply

Battery type: LR44 Battery ×2

Volt: 3V

Battery life: over 48 hours

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