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A Microscope Designed for Smart Devices


µHandy Spirit

µHandy is a microscope that flips your typical perceptions you had of microscopes. It is used on mobile devices, well functioned without any apps. µHandy cuts short the distance between microscope and people, bringing microscopic knowledge to your daily life.

Use stickers to take samples
Put the sticker on the stage
Attach the stage to the lens
Observe petal tissue

A Brand-New Microscope

Whole New Experience

As if a regular microscope shrunk by magic, µHandy microscope comes in pocket-size while its resolution can be up to 1 micrometer. Mobile phone cameras support auto-focus, so there’s no need to do tedious adjustments when doing the observation.

Tidy, Fast, and Easy

Instead of using traditional glass coverslips, µHandy uses stickers to collect samples. No need to put a drop of water, simply put the things that you want to observe on the sticker and you are ready to go.

Keep Your Hunts

Sticker samples can be stored in our µHandy sticker book. Ever bother finding ways to reserve your most special sample hunts? µHandy stickers and sticker books enable you to keep a good track of your exploration.

Share and Interact

Take microscopic pictures via phone or tablet cameras, and instantly share them on Facebook, Instagram or to your friends. Showing the observing results on screen allows for more discussions, making µHandy an ideal STEM tool.

Explore the World from Different Angles

When you start to use µHandy, sky is the limit for microscopic observation. Paired with any mobile devices, this pocket-sized microscope is without doubt a perfect pal for outdoor or field exploration.

 You Can Have It Now!

Get ready to set foot on the tiny journey, embrace the micro-world? µHandy empowers you to wander in a micro-universe in your daily life. Place your order and start your expedition right away. Happy tiny universe journey!

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